IFormosat2Xform Interface

Provides access to members that control a Formosat2 transform.


Name Description
Read-only property Columns Columns in the image.
Read-only property Domains The domains in output space.
Read/write property InterpolationThreshold Threshold for interpolation (pixels).
Read-only property IsIdentity Indicates if this geodata transform is an identity transform.
Read/write property MaxIterations Iteration count limit.
Read-only property Parameters The Formosat2 sensor model parameters.
Read-only property Rows Rows in the image.
Read/write property SpatialReference The output spatial reference after applying this transform.
Read-only property SunAzimuth Sun azimuth.
Read-only property SunElevation Sun elevation.
Method Transform Transforms a set of points in a given direction.
Method TransformCellsize Transforms a cellsize in a given direction.
Method TransformExtent Transforms an extent in a given direction.
Method TransformPoints Transforms a point collection in a given direction

IFormosat2Xform.Columns Property

Columns in the image.

Public ReadOnly Property Columns As Integer
public int Columns {get;}

IFormosat2Xform.InterpolationThreshold Property

Threshold for interpolation (pixels).

Public Property InterpolationThreshold As Double
public double InterpolationThreshold {get; set;}

IFormosat2Xform.MaxIterations Property

Iteration count limit.

Public Property MaxIterations As Integer
public int MaxIterations {get; set;}

IFormosat2Xform.Parameters Property

The Formosat2 sensor model parameters.

Public ReadOnly Property Parameters As IVariantArray
public IVariantArray Parameters {get;}

IFormosat2Xform.Rows Property

Rows in the image.

Public ReadOnly Property Rows As Integer
public int Rows {get;}

IFormosat2Xform.SunAzimuth Property

Sun azimuth.

Public ReadOnly Property SunAzimuth As Double
public double SunAzimuth {get;}

IFormosat2Xform.SunElevation Property

Sun elevation.

Public ReadOnly Property SunElevation As Double
public double SunElevation {get;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IGeodataXform Provides access to members that control geodata transformation.

Classes that implement IFormosat2Xform

Classes Description
Formosat2Xform A Formosat2 transform class.

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