IBuildSeamlinesParameters3 Interface

Provides access to members that control parameters to the build seamlines operation.


Name Description
Read/write property Ascending Indicates whether the ascending flag of OrderBy.
Read/write property BlendType The blend type.
Read/write property BlendWidth The blend width.
Read/write property BlendWidthUnits The blend width unit.
Read/write property CellSizeClusterTolerance The factor controlling clustering of cell size values. Two cell size values with a difference factor less than the value in this property are considered one.
Read/write property CellSizes The cell size values.
Read/write property Cursor The cursor of mosaic items that determines the order in which items are seamline mosaicked.
Read/write property DifferenceFunctionTemplate The optional raster function template used for generating the 'difference' between each item raster and the mosaic raster for computing the item's seamline geometry. The template makes use of at least two dataset type raster function variables with names: Item
Read/write property Method Method to use for building seamlines
Read/write property ModifySeamlines Indicates whether seamline geometry is updated for selected items.
Read/write property OrderByBaseValue The Order By base value.
Read/write property OrderByFieldName The field to order by if mosaic method is by attribute
Read/write property RequestSize The request size.
Read/write property RequestSizeType The unit of the request size is determined by request size type.
Read/write property SeamlineModifier The optional seamline modifier object used for building seamlines.
Read/write property SortMethod Mosaic method to use for calculating the sorder
Read/write property UpdateSeamlineOrder Inidicates whether seamline order (SOrder) attribute is updated.
Read/write property Viewpoint The view point.

IBuildSeamlinesParameters3.BlendWidthUnits Property

The blend width unit.

Public Property BlendWidthUnits As esriBlendWidthUnits
public esriBlendWidthUnits BlendWidthUnits {get; set;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IBuildSeamlinesParameters2 Provides access to members that control parameters to the build seamlines operation.
IBuildSeamlinesParameters Provides access to members that control parameters to the build seamlines operation.

Classes that implement IBuildSeamlinesParameters3

Classes Description
BuildSeamlinesParameters An object that controls how the seamline geometry for items in a mosiac dataset are computed.

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