IMosaicOperator Interface

Provides access to members that control custom mosaic operators.


A mosaic operator is used to resolve overlapping pixels when multiple rasters are mosaicked together using MosaicRaster. A custom mosaic operator implements IMosaicOperator, and two other optional interfaces, IMosiacOperator2, and IMosaicOperator3. IMosaicOperator allows a custom mosaic operator to have any number of properties specific to the operator. At runtime, MosaicRaster will use IMosaicOperator to initialize a custom mosaic operator with the current pixel block dimension before a pixel block is processed, and the current band number before a band (or plane) within the pixel block is processed.A custom mosaic operator will be asked to operate on a pair of overlapping pixels at a time. The first pixel value comes from the mosaicked raster, and the second comes from the raster that is mosaicking into the mosaicked raster. A custom mosaic operator will use the two values, plus other information obtained during initialization, to generate a new pixel value.MosaicRaster will use IMosaicOperator2, and call its floating-point version of Operate() if the input raster pixel type can not be represented as a 32-bit integer, including PT_ULONG, PT_FLOAT, and PT_DOUBLE.For more initialization information, a custom mosaic operator can implement IMosaicOperator3.ArcGIS provides a set of mosaic operators for common cases, such as first, last, mean, blend, and etc.


Name Description
Write-only property CurrentBand The current band index.
Method Init Initializes a mosaic operator.
Method Operate Operates on two integer values and returns a new one.
Read/write property Properties Mosaic operator properties.

IMosaicOperator.CurrentBand Property

The current band index.

Public WriteOnly Property CurrentBand
public void CurrentBand {set;}

IMosaicOperator.Init Method

Initializes a mosaic operator.

Public Sub Init ( _
    ByVal nBands As Integer, _
    ByVal nBlockCols As Integer, _
    ByVal nBlockRows As Integer _
public void Init (
    int nBands,
    int nBlockCols,
    int nBlockRows

IMosaicOperator.Operate Method

Operates on two integer values and returns a new one.

Public Sub Operate ( _
    ByVal x As Integer, _
    ByVal y As Integer, _
    ByVal v1 As Integer, _
    ByRef v2 As Integer _
public void Operate (
    int x,
    int y,
    int v1,
    ref int v2

IMosaicOperator.Properties Property

Mosaic operator properties.

Public Property Properties As IPropertySet
public IPropertySet Properties {get; set;}

Classes that implement IMosaicOperator

Classes Description
BlendMosaicker A custom raster mosaic operator for performing blend value mosaic.
MeanMosaicker A custom raster mosaic operator for performing mean value mosaic.

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