IRasterXformer Interface

Provides access to members that control raster transformer.


Name Description
Read/write property ApproximationTolerance The current approximation error tolerance in number (fraction) of pixels.
Read/write property PixelResampler The current raster resampler.
Write-only property Raster The raster to be transformed.
Method Read Reads a pixel block.
Method Update Updates the raster transformer with the changed raster.

IRasterXformer.ApproximationTolerance Property

The current approximation error tolerance in number (fraction) of pixels.

Public Property ApproximationTolerance As Double
public double ApproximationTolerance {get; set;}


The tolerance, used in geodata xform approximation. The unit is in output space.

IRasterXformer.PixelResampler Property

The current raster resampler.

Public Property PixelResampler As IPixelResampler
public IPixelResampler PixelResampler {get; set;}

IRasterXformer.Raster Property

The raster to be transformed.

Public WriteOnly Property Raster
public void Raster {set;}

IRasterXformer.Read Method

Reads a pixel block.

Public Sub Read ( _
    ByVal tlc As IPnt, _
    ByVal pPixelBlock As IPixelBlock _
public void Read (
    IPnt tlc,
    IPixelBlock pPixelBlock


Read the pixel block after applying the geodata transformation.

IRasterXformer.Update Method

Updates the raster transformer with the changed raster.

Public Sub Update ( _
    ByVal pRaster As IRaster _
public void Update (
    IRaster pRaster

Classes that implement IRasterXformer

Classes Description
RasterXformer A raster transformer class.


The IRasterXformer interface is used to create a RasterXformer object from a Raster.

Creating a RasterXformer object, a GeodataXform, a PixelResampler and a PixelReader must be set.

To create a RasterXformerfrom**aRaster, use _IRasterXformer_::_Raster_ method which contains a GeodataXform, a default PixelResampler and a PixelReader**

To create a RasterXformer without using Raster, IRasterXformer2 interface should be used.

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