IExportGeometryParameters Interface

Provides access to members that control parameters for exporting geometries to feature class.


Name Description
Read/write property GeometryType The geometry type.
Read/write property OutFeatureClassName The name of output feature class.
Read/write property OutWorkspace The output workspace.

IExportGeometryParameters.GeometryType Property

The geometry type.

Public Property GeometryType As String
public string GeometryType {get; set;}

IExportGeometryParameters.OutFeatureClassName Property

The name of output feature class.

Public Property OutFeatureClassName As String
public string OutFeatureClassName {get; set;}

IExportGeometryParameters.OutWorkspace Property

The output workspace.

Public Property OutWorkspace As IWorkspace
public IWorkspace OutWorkspace {get; set;}

Classes that implement IExportGeometryParameters

Classes Description
ExportGeometryParameters An object that controls how geometries in a mosaic dataset are exported.

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