IGeodeticProjection Interface

Provides access to members that contain information on the projection of a raster.


Name Description
Read/write property Datum Datum parameters.
Read/write property InUnit Domain units.
Method Invert Reverses mapping, if possible.
Method IsIdentity Indicates if XForm does nothing.
Method Map Transforms input point.
Read-only property Name Property name.
Read/write property OutUnit Range units.
Read/write property Parameters SafeArray of doubles: raw parameter list.
Read/write property Spheroid Spheroid parameters.

IGeodeticProjection.Datum Property

Datum parameters.

Public Property Datum As IDatum
public IDatum Datum {get; set;}

IGeodeticProjection.Name Property

Property name.

Public ReadOnly Property Name As String
public string Name {get;}

IGeodeticProjection.Parameters Property

SafeArray of doubles: raw parameter list.

Public Property Parameters As Object
public object Parameters {get; set;}

IGeodeticProjection.Spheroid Property

Spheroid parameters.

Public Property Spheroid As ISpheroid
public ISpheroid Spheroid {get; set;}

Classes that implement IGeodeticProjection

Classes Description


This interface is not intented for the developers.

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