IRasterFunction Interface

Provides access to members that control a raster function.


Name Description
Method Bind Binds function arguments to this raster function.
Read/write property Description The raster function description.
Read/write property Name The raster function name.
Read/write property PixelType The output pixel type.
Read-only property RasterInfo The raster information after this function is applied to an object.
Method Read Reads a pixel block starting from the top left corner.
Method Update Updates using newly available information from bound object.
Read-only property Valid Indicates if this function is valid, e.g. bound to an object, and etc.

IRasterFunction.Bind Method

Binds function arguments to this raster function.

Public Sub Bind ( _
    ByVal pArguments As Object _
public void Bind (
    object pArguments

IRasterFunction.Description Property

The raster function description.

Public Property Description As String
public string Description {get; set;}

IRasterFunction.Name Property

The raster function name.

Public Property Name As String
public string Name {get; set;}

IRasterFunction.PixelType Property

The output pixel type.

Public Property PixelType As rstPixelType
public rstPixelType PixelType {get; set;}

IRasterFunction.RasterInfo Property

The raster information after this function is applied to an object.

Public ReadOnly Property RasterInfo As IRasterInfo
public IRasterInfo RasterInfo {get;}

IRasterFunction.Read Method

Reads a pixel block starting from the top left corner.

Public Sub Read ( _
    ByVal pTlc As IPnt, _
    ByVal pRaster As IRaster, _
    ByVal pPixelBlock As IPixelBlock _
public void Read (
    IPnt pTlc,
    IRaster pRaster,
    IPixelBlock pPixelBlock

IRasterFunction.Update Method

Updates using newly available information from bound object.

Public Sub Update ( _
public void Update (

IRasterFunction.Valid Property

Indicates if this function is valid, e.g. bound to an object, and etc.

Public ReadOnly Property Valid As Boolean
public bool Valid {get;}

Classes that implement IRasterFunction

Classes Description
ArgStatisticsFunction A class for a function raster dataset name.
ArithmeticFunction A class for an arithmetic raster function.
AspectFunction The Aspect function.
BandArithmeticFunction A class for a raster Band Arithmetic function.
CachedRasterFunction The cached raster function for caching function raster datasets.
ClassifyFunction A class for a classify raster function.
ClipFunction The class for a raster clipping function.
ColormapFunction A class for a colormap raster function.
ColormapToRGBFunction A class for a raster Colormap-To-RGB conversion function.
ColorspaceConversionFunction The class for a colorspace conversion function.
ComplexFunction A class for a Complex value conversion function.
CompositeBandFunction A class for a band composition raster function.
ComputeChangeFunction A class for compute change function.
ConstantFunction The raster function of a constant value.
ContourFunction A class for contour function.
ContrastBrightnessFunction The Contrast/Brighntess function.
ConvolutionFunction A class for a convolution raster function.
CreateColorCompositeFunction A class for Create Color Composite raster function.
CurvatureFunction Curvature function.
DownsampleFunction The downsample function.
ElevationVoidFillFunction (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions)
ExcludedAreaFunction The raster function for generating excluded area.
ExtractBandFunction A class for a band extraction/selection raster function.
FootprintFunction The raster function for generating a raster footprint.
GeometricFunction A class for a raster geometric function.
GeometricMedianFunction The geometric median raster function class.
GradientFunction The gradient raster function class.
GrayscaleFunction The greyscale conversion function.
HillshadeFunction The Hillshade function Class.
IdentityFunction A class for an identity raster function.
InterpolateIrregularDataFunction A class for the InterpolateIrregularData function.
InterpolateRasterByDimensionFunction A class for interpolate raster by dimension function.
KauthThomasFunction The Tasseled Cap (Kauth-Thomas) function.
LasDatasetToRasterFunction (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The LasDatasetToRasterFunction class.
LasToRasterFunction (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The LasToRasterFunction class.
MaskFunction The mask function for masking out background values.
MergeRastersFunction The Tiled Raster function.
MosaicFunction A class for a raster mosaic function.
MosaicRastersFunction The Mosaic Rasters function.
MultidimensionalFilterFunction A class for multidimensional filter function.
MultidimensionalRasterFunction A class for multidimensional raster function.
NDVIFunction A class for a raster NDVI function.
PanSharpenGramSchmidtFunction Pan Sharpen Gram Schmidt function.
PansharpeningFunction A class for a sharpening raster function.
PredictUsingRegressionFunction A class for predict using regression raster function.
PyramidFunction A class for a RegionGrow raster function.
PythonAdapterFunction A class for an python adaptor raster function.
RadarCalibrationFunction A class for a radiometric calibration function.
RandomFunction The raster function of random values.
RasterFunctionCollection A class for a raster function collection.
RasterFunctionTemplate A class for a template raster function.
RasterInfoFunction The raster info function for modifying raster properties.
RasterItemFunction A class for a raster item function.
RasterizeFeatureClassFunction A class for a RasterizeFeatureClass raster function.
RecastFunction A class for a function invocation function.
ReflectanceFunction The Reflectance function.
RegionGrowFunction A class for a RegionGrow raster function.
RegionPixelCountFunction The Region Pixel Count raster function class.
RemapFunction A class for a remap raster function.
RemoveHazeFunction A class for a remove haze function.
RenderedRasterFunction A class for a rendered raster function.
ReprojectFunction The Reproject function Class.
ResampleFunction A class for a resampling function.
RGB32Function A class for a packed RGBA raster function.
RGB32ToRGBFunction A class for a packed RGBA to 3 band RGB conversion raster function.
RGBToColormapFunction A class for a raster RGB-To-Colormap conversion function.
RJPEGFunction A class for RJPEG function.
S1RadiometricCalibrationFunction A class for Sentinel-1 radiometric calibration function
S1ThermalNoiseRemovalFunction A class for Sentinel-1 thermal noise removal function
SAIFunction The Slope-Aspect Index (SAI) function.
SARIndicesFunction A class for SAR Indices raster function.
SegmentToIndexFunction A class for a SegmentToIndex raster function.
ShadedReliefFunction The Shaded Relief function.
SimpleCollectionFunction A class for simple collection function.
SlopeFunction The Slope function.
SpeckleFunction A class for a speckle raster function.
SpectralAngleMapperFunction The Spectral Angle Mapper function.
SpectralConversionFunction The spectral conversion function.
SpectralUnmixingFunction The spectral unmixing function.
StatisticsFunction A class for a statistic raster function.
StatisticsHistogramFunction A class for a statistics and histogram raster function.
StretchFunction A class for a stretch raster function.
SwathFunction A class for the swath function.
TableFunction A class for a table raster function.
TerrainFlattenFunction A class for Radiometric Terrain Flatten function.
TerrainToRasterFunction (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The TerrainToRasterFunction class.
ThermalNoiseRemovalFunction A class for SAR thermal noise removal function
ThresholdFunction A class for a binary thresholding function.
TransposeBitsFunction A class for a function raster dataset name.
TrendFunction The Trend function.
UnitConversionFunction The Unit Conversion function.
VectorFieldFunction A class for vector field raster function.

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