IAggregationDefinition Interface

Provides access to members that control an aggregation definition.


Name Description
Read/write property DimensionName The aggregation dimension name.
Read/write property Duration The recurrent duration.
Method GetValues The interval minimum and maximum values.
Read/write property IntervalUnits The time interval units.
Read/write property IntervalValue The interval value.
Read/write property Maximum The dimension maximum.
Read/write property Minimum The dimension minimum.
Method PutValues The interval minimum and maximum values.

IAggregationDefinition.DimensionName Property

The aggregation dimension name.

Public Property DimensionName As String
public string DimensionName {get; set;}

IAggregationDefinition.Duration Property

The recurrent duration.

Public Property Duration As Double
public double Duration {get; set;}

IAggregationDefinition.GetValues Method

The interval minimum and maximum values.

Public Sub GetValues ( _
    ByRef ppMinValues As IDoubleArray, _
    ByRef ppMaxValues As IDoubleArray _
public void GetValues (
    ref IDoubleArray ppMinValues,
    ref IDoubleArray ppMaxValues

IAggregationDefinition.IntervalUnits Property

The time interval units.

Public Property IntervalUnits As esriTimeUnits
public esriTimeUnits IntervalUnits {get; set;}

IAggregationDefinition.IntervalValue Property

The interval value.

Public Property IntervalValue As Double
public double IntervalValue {get; set;}

IAggregationDefinition.Maximum Property

The dimension maximum.

Public Property Maximum As Double
public double Maximum {get; set;}

IAggregationDefinition.Minimum Property

The dimension minimum.

Public Property Minimum As Double
public double Minimum {get; set;}

IAggregationDefinition.PutValues Method

The interval minimum and maximum values.

Public Sub PutValues ( _
    ByVal pMinValues As IDoubleArray, _
    ByVal pMaxValues As IDoubleArray _
public void PutValues (
    IDoubleArray pMinValues,
    IDoubleArray pMaxValues

Classes that implement IAggregationDefinition

Classes Description
AggregationDefinition The aggregation definition class.

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