ICoordinateXform3 Interface

Provides access to members that control a coordinate (projection) transform.


Name Description
Read/write property ApproxiPixelValuePoly .
Read-only property Domains The domains in output space.
Read/write property GeoTransformations The geographic transformations.
Read/write property InputSpatialReference The source spatial reference.
Read-only property IsIdentity Indicates if this geodata transform is an identity transform.
Read/write property NeedVCSTransformation .
Read/write property NoNodataExtent .
Method ProjectPixelBlock3D .
Read/write property SpatialReference The output spatial reference after applying this transform.
Method Transform Transforms a set of points in a given direction.
Method TransformCellsize Transforms a cellsize in a given direction.
Method TransformExtent Transforms an extent in a given direction.
Method TransformPoints Transforms a point collection in a given direction

ICoordinateXform3.ApproxiPixelValuePoly Property


Public Property ApproxiPixelValuePoly As IDoubleArray
public IDoubleArray ApproxiPixelValuePoly {get; set;}

ICoordinateXform3.NeedVCSTransformation Property


Public Property NeedVCSTransformation As Boolean
public bool NeedVCSTransformation {get; set;}

ICoordinateXform3.NoNodataExtent Property


Public Property NoNodataExtent As IEnvelope
public IEnvelope NoNodataExtent {get; set;}

ICoordinateXform3.ProjectPixelBlock3D Method


Public Sub ProjectPixelBlock3D ( _
    ByRef pBlockPoints As WKSPoint, _
    ByVal npoints As Integer, _
    ByVal pSrcSR As ISpatialReference, _
    ByVal pDstSR As ISpatialReference, _
    ByVal pPixelBlock As IPixelBlock _
public void ProjectPixelBlock3D (
    ref WKSPoint pBlockPoints,
    ref int npoints,
    ref ISpatialReference pSrcSR,
    ref ISpatialReference pDstSR,
    ref IPixelBlock pPixelBlock

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
ICoordinateXform2 Provides access to members that control a coordinate (projection) transform.
ICoordinateXform Provides access to members that control a coordinate (projection) transform.
IGeodataXform Provides access to members that control geodata transformation.

Classes that implement ICoordinateXform3

Classes Description
CoordinateXform A coordinate transform class.

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