ILasToRasterFunctionArguments3 Interface

Provides access to members that control Las to raster conversion.


Name Description
Read/write property AvgPointSpacing Average point spacing.
Read/write property CacheMaxNumSurfaces Maximum number of different Las surfaces kept in this cache folder.
Read/write property CacheRasterZTolerance Z tolerance for Las rasters in the image cache folder, used for compression.
Read/write property CellAggregationType Cell aggregation type (how to bin).
Read/write property CellWidth Cell width.
Read/write property ClassTypesSelected Class types selected, e.g., esriRasterLasClassGround, 217.
Read/write property DataType Data type.
Read/write property DisconnectFromLasFiles Disconnect from Las files.
Read/write property Extent Extent specified by the user, or extracted from the LAS files.
Read/write property IgnoreSpatialReferenceInLasFiles Ignore spatial reference in Las files.
Read/write property LasFile The input Las file.
Read/write property LasFiles Array of Las files.
Read/write property LasFileVersion The input Las file version.
Read/write property LasFolder The input Las folder.
Read/write property MaxHoleWidthFilled Fill holes up to this width or height by interpolation from hole boundaries.
Read/write property NumPointsTotal Total number of points for all Las files, all return types.
Read/write property ReturnTypesSelected Return types selected, e.g., esriRasterLasReturnFirst, 13.
Read/write property SpatialReference The spatial reference to be used, if NOT set in the Las file(s).
Read/write property TinToRasterInterpolationType Tin to raster interpolation type (how to rasterize the tin: Linear or NN).
Read/write property UseTinning Use tinning.
Read/write property VoidFillMethod Void fill method.
Read/write property ZMax Z Max.
Read/write property ZMin Z Min.

ILasToRasterFunctionArguments3.LasFiles Property

Array of Las files.

Public Property LasFiles As IStringArray
public IStringArray LasFiles {get; set;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
ILasToRasterFunctionArguments2 Provides access to members that control Las to raster conversion.
ILasToRasterFunctionArguments Provides access to members that control Las to raster conversion.

Classes that implement ILasToRasterFunctionArguments3

Classes Description
LasToRasterFunctionArguments (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The LasToRasterFunction arguments.

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