IRasterPyramid2 Interface

Provides access to members that control the pyramids for a raster dataset.


Name Description
Method BuildPyramid Builds pyramid for this RasterDataset.
Method Create Build raster pyramids for this raster.
Read/write property MinimumSize The minimum raster pyramid size.
Read-only property Present Indicates whether pyramid layers exist.
Read-only property PyramidLevel The pyramid level.
Read-only property PyramidResamplingMethod The pyramid resampling method.

IRasterPyramid2.BuildPyramid Method

Builds pyramid for this RasterDataset.

Public Sub BuildPyramid ( _
    ByVal maxLevel As Integer, _
    ByVal Method As rstResamplingTypes _
public void BuildPyramid (
    int maxLevel,
    rstResamplingTypes Method

IRasterPyramid2.PyramidLevel Property

The pyramid level.

Public ReadOnly Property PyramidLevel As Integer
public int PyramidLevel {get;}

IRasterPyramid2.PyramidResamplingMethod Property

The pyramid resampling method.

Public ReadOnly Property PyramidResamplingMethod As rstResamplingTypes
public rstResamplingTypes PyramidResamplingMethod {get;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IRasterPyramid Provides access to members that control the pyramids for a raster dataset.

Classes that implement IRasterPyramid2

Classes Description
RasterDataset A representation of a raster dataset on disk.


The IRasterPyramid2 interface allows you to build pyramid layers on a raster dataset with user specified pyramid level and resampling method.

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