IInterpolateIrregularDataFunctionArguments Interface

Provides access to members that control InterpolateIrregularData function arguments.


Name Description
Read/write property InterpolationMethod The interpolation method.
Read/write property PointFeatureClass The points in a table.
Read/write property Radius The search radius for points.
Read/write property RasterInfo The raster definition containing at least extent, cellsize, and pixel type.
Read/write property ValueField The value (Z) field name.

IInterpolateIrregularDataFunctionArguments.InterpolationMethod Property

The interpolation method.

Public Property InterpolationMethod As esriInterpolateIrregularDataMethod
public esriInterpolateIrregularDataMethod InterpolationMethod {get; set;}

IInterpolateIrregularDataFunctionArguments.PointFeatureClass Property

The points in a table.

Public Property PointFeatureClass As Object
public object PointFeatureClass {get; set;}

IInterpolateIrregularDataFunctionArguments.Radius Property

The search radius for points.

Public Property Radius As Double
public double Radius {get; set;}

IInterpolateIrregularDataFunctionArguments.RasterInfo Property

The raster definition containing at least extent, cellsize, and pixel type.

Public Property RasterInfo As IRasterInfo
public IRasterInfo RasterInfo {get; set;}

IInterpolateIrregularDataFunctionArguments.ValueField Property

The value (Z) field name.

Public Property ValueField As String
public string ValueField {get; set;}

Classes that implement IInterpolateIrregularDataFunctionArguments

Classes Description
InterpolateIrregularDataFunctionArguments A class for the InterpolateIrregularData function arguments.

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