ISimplePixelResampler Interface

Provides access to members that control a simple pixel resampler.


Name Description
Read/write property CubicConvolutionParameter The cubic convolution parameter (-1, -0.75, -0.5).
Read-only property DownSampling Indicates if this is a down sampling only type of resampler.
Read/write property LinearScaling Indicates if only linear scaling is necessary.
Write-only property MajorityWindowSize The majority resampling window size in pixels.
Method Resample Resamples an input pixel block into an output pixel block.
Read/write property ResamplingMethod The resampling method.
Read-only property SupportLinearScaling Indicates if this resampler can accept simplified point array for simple linear scaling.
Read-only property WindowSize The resampling window size in terms of number of source pixels.

ISimplePixelResampler.CubicConvolutionParameter Property

The cubic convolution parameter (-1, -0.75, -0.5).

Public Property CubicConvolutionParameter As Double
public double CubicConvolutionParameter {get; set;}


A parameter, (-3,0) not inclusive, is used to adjust the sharpness of cubic resampling. The resampled image will show the edge effect as the factor is close to -3, and smooth when the factor is close to 0.

ISimplePixelResampler.MajorityWindowSize Property

The majority resampling window size in pixels.

Public WriteOnly Property MajorityWindowSize
public void MajorityWindowSize {set;}

ISimplePixelResampler.ResamplingMethod Property

The resampling method.

Public Property ResamplingMethod As rstResamplingTypes
public rstResamplingTypes ResamplingMethod {get; set;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IPixelResampler Provides access to members that control a pixel resampler.

Classes that implement ISimplePixelResampler

Classes Description
SimplePixelResampler A simple pixel resampler class.


ISimplePixelReader is an interface used for creating and accessing the SimplePixelResampler.

You can perform finer adjustment of cubic convolution and majority resampling methods with this interface.

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