ILSRXform Interface

Provides access to members that control a Local Space Rectangular transform.


Name Description
Read-only property Domains The domains in output space.
Read/write property EquatorialRadius The earth Equatorial radius.
Read/write property Flattening The earth flattening.
Read-only property IsIdentity Indicates if this geodata transform is an identity transform.
Read/write property PerspectiveCenter The sensor position.
Read/write property RotationMatrix The 3x3 rotation matrix.
Read/write property SpatialReference The output spatial reference after applying this transform.
Method Transform Transforms a set of points in a given direction.
Method TransformCellsize Transforms a cellsize in a given direction.
Method TransformExtent Transforms an extent in a given direction.
Method TransformPoints Transforms a point collection in a given direction

ILSRXform.EquatorialRadius Property

The earth Equatorial radius.

Public Property EquatorialRadius As Double
public double EquatorialRadius {get; set;}


See put_Flattening for more information.

ILSRXform.Flattening Property

The earth flattening.

Public Property Flattening As Double
public double Flattening {get; set;}


Each ellipsoid model is defined by the equatorial radius in meters and a flattening factor, typically around 0.003 (or 1/298). The exact values for many ellipsoid models are published. Sometimes the flattening is expressed as the inverse value (298.1234), but in this case the actual flattening value is required.

ILSRXform.PerspectiveCenter Property

The sensor position.

Public Property PerspectiveCenter As IPoint
public IPoint PerspectiveCenter {get; set;}

ILSRXform.RotationMatrix Property

The 3x3 rotation matrix.

Public Property RotationMatrix As Object
public object RotationMatrix {get; set;}


Used to rotate the image based on the sensor orientation. See IFrameXform::putPerspectiveMatrix for additional information.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IGeodataXform Provides access to members that control geodata transformation.

Classes that implement ILSRXform

Classes Description
LSRXform A Local Space Rectangular transform class.


In some aerial surveys a local reference plane coordinate system is used for each frame, rather than an establishes spatial reference system for the entire aerial survey. In these cases the LSR (local space rectangular) coordinate system is defined by the perspective center, rotation matrix and ellipsoid model.

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