IRasterDefaultProps Interface

Provides access to members that control the default raster properties.


Name Description
Read-only property DefaultIntersectExtent The default intersect extent.
Read-only property DefaultPixelHeight The default pixel size in Y.
Read-only property DefaultPixelWidth The default pixel size in X.
Read-only property DefaultSpatialReference The default spatial reference.
Read-only property DefaultUnionExtent The default union extent.
Method ResetToDefault Resets the raster to default state

IRasterDefaultProps.DefaultIntersectExtent Property

The default intersect extent.

Public ReadOnly Property DefaultIntersectExtent As IEnvelope
public IEnvelope DefaultIntersectExtent {get;}

IRasterDefaultProps.DefaultPixelHeight Property

The default pixel size in Y.

Public ReadOnly Property DefaultPixelHeight As Double
public double DefaultPixelHeight {get;}

IRasterDefaultProps.DefaultPixelWidth Property

The default pixel size in X.

Public ReadOnly Property DefaultPixelWidth As Double
public double DefaultPixelWidth {get;}

IRasterDefaultProps.DefaultSpatialReference Property

The default spatial reference.

Public ReadOnly Property DefaultSpatialReference As ISpatialReference
public ISpatialReference DefaultSpatialReference {get;}

IRasterDefaultProps.DefaultUnionExtent Property

The default union extent.

Public ReadOnly Property DefaultUnionExtent As IEnvelope
public IEnvelope DefaultUnionExtent {get;}

IRasterDefaultProps.ResetToDefault Method

Resets the raster to default state

Public Sub ResetToDefault ( _
public void ResetToDefault (

Classes that implement IRasterDefaultProps

Classes Description
Raster An in-memory representation of a dynamic raster that can perform resampling and reprojection.


The default properties of a raster are updated each time a band is added or removed from the raster. This allows the raster to provide useful defaults while still obeying any settings you adjust. The default properties of the raster allow you to examine what these defaults would be if you changed the properties on the raster.

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