IRasterDatasetJukebox Interface

Provides access to members that control subdatasets.


Name Description
Read/write property Subdataset The current active subdataset.
Read-only property SubdatasetCount The number of subdatasets.
Read-only property SubdatasetDescription The given subdataset description.
Read-only property SubdatasetName The given subdataset name.

IRasterDatasetJukebox.Subdataset Property

The current active subdataset.

Public Property Subdataset As Integer
public int Subdataset {get; set;}


This property is used to get/set the index of a subdataset which becomes the current raster dataset

IRasterDatasetJukebox.SubdatasetCount Property

The number of subdatasets.

Public ReadOnly Property SubdatasetCount As Integer
public int SubdatasetCount {get;}

IRasterDatasetJukebox.SubdatasetDescription Property

The given subdataset description.

Public Function get_SubdatasetDescription ( _
    ByVal SubdatasetID As Integer _
) As String
public string get_SubdatasetDescription (
    int SubdatasetID

IRasterDatasetJukebox.SubdatasetName Property

The given subdataset name.

Public Function get_SubdatasetName ( _
    ByVal SubdatasetID As Integer _
) As String
public string get_SubdatasetName (
    int SubdatasetID


The subdataset name has the following form: HDF4_SDS:subdataset_type:file_name:subdataset_index

where subdataset_type shows predefined names for some of the well known HDF datasets, file_name is the name of the input file, and subdataset_index is the index of the image to use.

Classes that implement IRasterDatasetJukebox

Classes Description
RasterDataset A representation of a raster dataset on disk.


Some raster formats can contain multiple subdatasets inside a single file, for example the HDF format. The IRasterDatasetJukebox interface is used to query the number of subdatasets, their names, and the descriptions inside the file and retrive subdatasets, one at a time.

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