IRasterSdeCatalog Interface

Provides access to members that control the RasterSDE connection.


Name Description
Read/write property CatalogName The ArcSDE raster catalog name.
Read/write property RasterName The ArcSDE raster name.

IRasterSdeCatalog.CatalogName Property

The ArcSDE raster catalog name.

Public Property CatalogName As String
public string CatalogName {get; set;}

IRasterSdeCatalog.RasterName Property

The ArcSDE raster name.

Public Property RasterName As String
public string RasterName {get; set;}

Classes that implement IRasterSdeCatalog

Classes Description
BasicRasterSdeLoader A mechanism to control creation of SDE Raster datasets and load raster data.


When inserting rasters into an ArcSDE raster catalog, both CatalogName and RasterName need to be specified, if deleting an ArcSDE raster catalog, you can either specify CatalogName or _SdeRasterName_of IRasterSdeConnection.

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