IRegionPixelCountFunctionArguments Interface

Provides access to members that control Region Pixel Count raster function arguments.


Name Description
Read/write property MaxRegionSize The maximum region size.
Read/write property PixelNeighborhood The pixel neighborhood, four or eight.
Read/write property Raster The input raster.

IRegionPixelCountFunctionArguments.MaxRegionSize Property

The maximum region size.

Public Property MaxRegionSize As Integer
public int MaxRegionSize {get; set;}

IRegionPixelCountFunctionArguments.PixelNeighborhood Property

The pixel neighborhood, four or eight.

Public Property PixelNeighborhood As esriPixelNeighborhood
public esriPixelNeighborhood PixelNeighborhood {get; set;}

IRegionPixelCountFunctionArguments.Raster Property

The input raster.

Public Property Raster As Object
public object Raster {get; set;}

Classes that implement IRegionPixelCountFunctionArguments

Classes Description
RegionPixelCountFunctionArguments The Region Pixel Count raster function arguments class.

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