IMosaicLODInfos Interface

Provides access to members that control mosaic LOD information.


Name Description
Method Add Adds a LOD.
Read/write property DeviceDpi The device DPI.
Read/write property Dpi The DPI at which the raster is generated.
Method Empty Empties all LODs.
Method Get Queries a LOD.
Read-only property NumLevels The number of levels.
Method Snap Snaps to a LOD.

IMosaicLODInfos.Add Method

Adds a LOD.

Public Sub Add ( _
    ByVal Resolution As Double, _
    ByVal LOD As Double _
public void Add (
    double Resolution,
    double LOD

IMosaicLODInfos.DeviceDpi Property

The device DPI.

Public Property DeviceDpi As Double
public double DeviceDpi {get; set;}

IMosaicLODInfos.Dpi Property

The DPI at which the raster is generated.

Public Property Dpi As Double
public double Dpi {get; set;}

IMosaicLODInfos.Empty Method

Empties all LODs.

Public Sub Empty ( _
public void Empty (

IMosaicLODInfos.Get Method

Queries a LOD.

Public Sub Get ( _
    ByVal Index As Integer, _
    ByRef pResolution As Double, _
    ByRef pLOD As Double _
public void Get (
    int Index,
    ref double pResolution,
    ref double pLOD

IMosaicLODInfos.NumLevels Property

The number of levels.

Public ReadOnly Property NumLevels As Integer
public int NumLevels {get;}

IMosaicLODInfos.Snap Method

Snaps to a LOD.

Public Sub Snap ( _
    ByVal Resolution As Double, _
    ByVal hint As esriRasterResamplingHint, _
    ByRef pResolution As Double, _
    ByRef pLOD As Double _
public void Snap (
    double Resolution,
    esriRasterResamplingHint hint,
    ref double pResolution,
    ref double pLOD

Classes that implement IMosaicLODInfos

Classes Description
MosaicLODInfos A class containing mosaic LOD information.

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