IRasterFunctionArguments Interface

Provides access to members that control raster function arguments.


Name Description
Read-only property FileList The list of all files associated with the arguments.
Method GetValue Gets a named argument value.
Read-only property Names The list of all argument names.
Method PutValue Puts a named argument value.
Method Remove Removes a named argument value.
Method RemoveAll Removes all argument values.
Method Resolve Resolves function variables using a row and set of properties.
Method Update Updates function variables using a row and set of properties.
Read-only property Values The list of all arguments.

IRasterFunctionArguments.FileList Property

The list of all files associated with the arguments.

Public ReadOnly Property FileList As IStringArray
public IStringArray FileList {get;}

IRasterFunctionArguments.GetValue Method

Gets a named argument value.

Public Function GetValue ( _
    ByVal Name As String _
) As Object
public object GetValue (
    string Name

IRasterFunctionArguments.Names Property

The list of all argument names.

Public ReadOnly Property Names As IStringArray
public IStringArray Names {get;}

IRasterFunctionArguments.PutValue Method

Puts a named argument value.

Public Sub PutValue ( _
    ByVal Name As String, _
    ByVal Value As Object _
public void PutValue (
    string Name,
    object Value

IRasterFunctionArguments.Remove Method

Removes a named argument value.

Public Sub Remove ( _
    ByVal Name As String _
public void Remove (
    string Name

IRasterFunctionArguments.RemoveAll Method

Removes all argument values.

Public Sub RemoveAll ( _
public void RemoveAll (

IRasterFunctionArguments.Resolve Method

Resolves function variables using a row and set of properties.

Public Sub Resolve ( _
    ByVal pRow As IRow, _
    ByVal pPropertySet As IPropertySet _
public void Resolve (
    IRow pRow,
    IPropertySet pPropertySet

IRasterFunctionArguments.Update Method

Updates function variables using a row and set of properties.

Public Sub Update ( _
    ByVal pRow As IRow, _
    ByVal pPropertySet As IPropertySet, _
    ByVal pTemplateArguments As IRasterFunctionArguments _
public void Update (
    IRow pRow,
    IPropertySet pPropertySet,
    IRasterFunctionArguments pTemplateArguments

IRasterFunctionArguments.Values Property

The list of all arguments.

Public ReadOnly Property Values As IVariantArray
public IVariantArray Values {get;}

Classes that implement IRasterFunctionArguments

Classes Description
ArgStatisticsFunctionArguments A class for a function raster dataset.
ArithmeticFunctionArguments A class for colormap raster function arguments.
BandArithmeticFunctionArguments A class for Band Arithmetic raster function arguments.
CachedRasterFunctionArguments The cached raster function arguments.
ClassifyFunctionArguments A class for classify raster function arguments.
ClipFunctionArguments The class for a raster clipping function arguments.
ColormapFunctionArguments A class for colormap raster function arguments.
ColorspaceConversionFunctionArguments The class for raster colorspace conversion arguments.
ComplexFunctionArguments A class for a Complex value conversion function arguments.
CompositeBandFunctionArguments A class for a band composition raster function arguments.
ComputeChangeFunctionArguments A class for compute change function arguments.
ConstantFunctionArguments The arguments for the constant raster function.
ContourFunctionArguments A class for contour function arguments.
ContrastBrightnessFunctionArguments The Contrast/Brighntess arguments.
ConvolutionFunctionArguments A class for convolution raster function arguments.
CreateColorCompositeFunctionArguments A class for Create Color Composite raster function arguments.
CurvatureFunctionArguments Curvature function arguments.
DownsampleFunctionArguments A class for downsample raster function arguments.
ExcludedAreaFunctionArguments The arguments for the ExcludedArea raster function.
ExtractBandFunctionArguments A class for band extraction/selection raster function arguments.
FootprintFunctionArguments The arguments for the Footprint raster function.
GeometricFunctionArguments A class for raster geometric function arguments.
GrayscaleFunctionArguments The greyscale conversion function arguments.
HillshadeFunctionArguments The Hillshade function arguments.
InterpolateIrregularDataFunctionArguments A class for the InterpolateIrregularData function arguments.
InterpolateRasterByDimensionFunctionArguments A class for interpolate raster by dimension function arguments.
LasDatasetToRasterFunctionArguments (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The LasDatasetToRasterFunction arguments.
LasToRasterFunctionArguments (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The LasToRasterFunction arguments.
MaskFunctionArguments The raster mask function arguments.
MergeRastersFunctionArguments A class for tiled raster function arguments.
MosaicFunctionArguments A class for raster mosaic function arguments.
MosaicRastersFunctionArguments A class for mosaicrasters function arguments.
MultidimensionalFilterFunctionArguments A class for multidimensional filter function arguments.
MultidimensionalRasterFunctionArguments A class for multidimensional raster function arguments.
NDVIFunctionArguments A class for NDVI raster function arguments.
PanSharpenGramSchmidtFunctionArguments Pan Sharpen Gram Schmidt function arguments.
PansharpeningFunctionArguments A class for sharpening raster function arguments.
PredictUsingRegressionFunctionArguments A class for predict using regression raster function arguments.
PyramidFunctionArguments A class for a Pyramid raster function arguments.
PythonAdapterFunctionArguments A class for an python adaptor raster function arguments.
RadarCalibrationFunctionArguments A class for radiometric calibration function arguments.
RandomFunctionArguments The arguments for the random raster function.
RasterFunctionTemplateArguments A class for template function arguments.
RasterInfoFunctionArguments The raster info function arguments.
RasterItemFunctionArguments A class for raster item function arguments.
RasterizeFeatureClassFunctionArguments A class for RasterizeFeatureClass raster function arguments.
RecastFunctionArguments A class for a function invocation function arguments.
ReflectanceFunctionArguments A class for Apparent Reflectance raster function arguments.
RegionGrowFunctionArguments A class for a RegionGrow raster function arguments.
RemapFunctionArguments A class for remap raster function arguments.
RemoveHazeFunctionArguments A class for remove haze function arguments.
RenderedRasterFunctionArguments A class for rendered raster function arguments.
ReprojectFunctionArguments The Reproject function arguments.
ResampleFunctionArguments A class for resampling function arguments.
RGB32ToRGBFunctionArguments A class for RGB32ToRGB function arguments.
RJPEGFunctionArguments A class for RJPEG function arguments.
S1RadiometricCalibrationFunctionArguments A class for Sentinel-1 radiometric calibration function arguments.
SAIFunctionArguments The Slope-Aspect Index (SAI) function arguments.
SegmentToIndexFunctionArguments A class for SegmentToIndex raster function arguments.
ShadedReliefFunctionArguments The Shaded Relief function arguments.
SimpleCollectionFunctionArguments A class for simple collection function arguments.
SlopeFunctionArguments The Slope function arguments.
SpeckleFunctionArguments A class for speckle raster function arguments.
SpectralAngleMapperFunctionArguments A class for Spectral Angle function arguments.
SpectralConversionFunctionArguments The spectral conversion function arguments.
SpectralUnmixingFunctionArguments A class for Spectral Unmixing function arguments.
StatisticsFunctionArguments A class for statistics raster function arguments.
StatisticsHistogramFunctionArguments A class for statistics and histogram raster function arguments.
StretchFunctionArguments A class for stretch raster function arguments.
SwathFunctionArguments A class for the swath function arguments.
TableFunctionArguments A class for table raster function arguments.
TerrainFlattenFunctionArguments A class for Radiometric Terrain Flatten function arguments.
TerrainToRasterFunctionArguments (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The TerrainToRasterFunction arguments.
ThresholdFunctionArguments A class for binary thresholding function arguments.
TransposeBitsFunctionArguments A class for a function raster dataset.
TrendFunctionArguments The Trend function arguments.
UnitConversionFunctionArguments A class for Unit Conversion raster function arguments.

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