IRasterFunctionArguments Interface

Provides access to members that control raster function arguments.


Name Description
Read-only property FileList The list of all files associated with the arguments.
Method GetValue Gets a named argument value.
Read-only property Names The list of all argument names.
Method PutValue Puts a named argument value.
Method Remove Removes a named argument value.
Method RemoveAll Removes all argument values.
Method Resolve Resolves function variables using a row and set of properties.
Method Update Updates function variables using a row and set of properties.
Read-only property Values The list of all arguments.

IRasterFunctionArguments.FileList Property

The list of all files associated with the arguments.

Public ReadOnly Property FileList As IStringArray
public IStringArray FileList {get;}

IRasterFunctionArguments.GetValue Method

Gets a named argument value.

Public Function GetValue ( _
    ByVal Name As String _
) As Object
public object GetValue (
    string Name

IRasterFunctionArguments.Names Property

The list of all argument names.

Public ReadOnly Property Names As IStringArray
public IStringArray Names {get;}

IRasterFunctionArguments.PutValue Method

Puts a named argument value.

Public Sub PutValue ( _
    ByVal Name As String, _
    ByVal Value As Object _
public void PutValue (
    string Name,
    object Value

IRasterFunctionArguments.Remove Method

Removes a named argument value.

Public Sub Remove ( _
    ByVal Name As String _
public void Remove (
    string Name

IRasterFunctionArguments.RemoveAll Method

Removes all argument values.

Public Sub RemoveAll ( _
public void RemoveAll (

IRasterFunctionArguments.Resolve Method

Resolves function variables using a row and set of properties.

Public Sub Resolve ( _
    ByVal pRow As IRow, _
    ByVal pPropertySet As IPropertySet _
public void Resolve (
    IRow pRow,
    IPropertySet pPropertySet

IRasterFunctionArguments.Update Method

Updates function variables using a row and set of properties.

Public Sub Update ( _
    ByVal pRow As IRow, _
    ByVal pPropertySet As IPropertySet, _
    ByVal pTemplateArguments As IRasterFunctionArguments _
public void Update (
    IRow pRow,
    IPropertySet pPropertySet,
    IRasterFunctionArguments pTemplateArguments

IRasterFunctionArguments.Values Property

The list of all arguments.

Public ReadOnly Property Values As IVariantArray
public IVariantArray Values {get;}

Classes that implement IRasterFunctionArguments

Classes Description
ArgStatisticsFunctionArguments A class for a function raster dataset.
ArithmeticFunctionArguments A class for colormap raster function arguments.
BandArithmeticFunctionArguments A class for Band Arithmetic raster function arguments.
CachedRasterFunctionArguments The cached raster function arguments.
ClassifyFunctionArguments A class for classify raster function arguments.
ClipFunctionArguments The class for a raster clipping function arguments.
ColormapFunctionArguments A class for colormap raster function arguments.
ColorspaceConversionFunctionArguments The class for raster colorspace conversion arguments.
ComplexFunctionArguments A class for a Complex value conversion function arguments.
CompositeBandFunctionArguments A class for a band composition raster function arguments.
ComputeChangeFunctionArguments A class for compute change function arguments.
ConstantFunctionArguments The arguments for the constant raster function.
ContourFunctionArguments A class for contour function arguments.
ContrastBrightnessFunctionArguments The Contrast/Brighntess arguments.
ConvolutionFunctionArguments A class for convolution raster function arguments.
CreateColorCompositeFunctionArguments A class for Create Color Composite raster function arguments.
CurvatureFunctionArguments Curvature function arguments.
DownsampleFunctionArguments A class for downsample raster function arguments.
ExcludedAreaFunctionArguments The arguments for the ExcludedArea raster function.
ExtractBandFunctionArguments A class for band extraction/selection raster function arguments.
FootprintFunctionArguments The arguments for the Footprint raster function.
GeometricFunctionArguments A class for raster geometric function arguments.
GeometricMedianFunctionArguments The Geometric Median raster function arguments class.
GradientFunctionArguments The Gradient raster function arguments class.
GrayscaleFunctionArguments The greyscale conversion function arguments.
HillshadeFunctionArguments The Hillshade function arguments.
InterpolateIrregularDataFunctionArguments A class for the InterpolateIrregularData function arguments.
InterpolateRasterByDimensionFunctionArguments A class for interpolate raster by dimension function arguments.
LasDatasetToRasterFunctionArguments (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The LasDatasetToRasterFunction arguments.
LasToRasterFunctionArguments (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The LasToRasterFunction arguments.
MaskFunctionArguments The raster mask function arguments.
MergeRastersFunctionArguments A class for tiled raster function arguments.
MosaicFunctionArguments A class for raster mosaic function arguments.
MosaicRastersFunctionArguments A class for mosaicrasters function arguments.
MultidimensionalFilterFunctionArguments A class for multidimensional filter function arguments.
MultidimensionalRasterFunctionArguments A class for multidimensional raster function arguments.
NDVIFunctionArguments A class for NDVI raster function arguments.
PanSharpenGramSchmidtFunctionArguments Pan Sharpen Gram Schmidt function arguments.
PansharpeningFunctionArguments A class for sharpening raster function arguments.
PredictUsingRegressionFunctionArguments A class for predict using regression raster function arguments.
PyramidFunctionArguments A class for a Pyramid raster function arguments.
PythonAdapterFunctionArguments A class for an python adaptor raster function arguments.
RadarCalibrationFunctionArguments A class for radiometric calibration function arguments.
RandomFunctionArguments The arguments for the random raster function.
RasterFunctionTemplateArguments A class for template function arguments.
RasterInfoFunctionArguments The raster info function arguments.
RasterItemFunctionArguments A class for raster item function arguments.
RasterizeFeatureClassFunctionArguments A class for RasterizeFeatureClass raster function arguments.
RecastFunctionArguments A class for a function invocation function arguments.
ReflectanceFunctionArguments A class for Apparent Reflectance raster function arguments.
RegionGrowFunctionArguments A class for a RegionGrow raster function arguments.
RegionPixelCountFunctionArguments The Region Pixel Count raster function arguments class.
RemapFunctionArguments A class for remap raster function arguments.
RemoveHazeFunctionArguments A class for remove haze function arguments.
RenderedRasterFunctionArguments A class for rendered raster function arguments.
ReprojectFunctionArguments The Reproject function arguments.
ResampleFunctionArguments A class for resampling function arguments.
RGB32ToRGBFunctionArguments A class for RGB32ToRGB function arguments.
RJPEGFunctionArguments A class for RJPEG function arguments.
S1RadiometricCalibrationFunctionArguments A class for Sentinel-1 radiometric calibration function arguments.
SAIFunctionArguments The Slope-Aspect Index (SAI) function arguments.
SARIndicesFunctionArguments A class for SAR Indices raster function arguments.
SegmentToIndexFunctionArguments A class for SegmentToIndex raster function arguments.
ShadedReliefFunctionArguments The Shaded Relief function arguments.
SimpleCollectionFunctionArguments A class for simple collection function arguments.
SlopeFunctionArguments The Slope function arguments.
SpeckleFunctionArguments A class for speckle raster function arguments.
SpectralAngleMapperFunctionArguments A class for Spectral Angle function arguments.
SpectralConversionFunctionArguments The spectral conversion function arguments.
SpectralUnmixingFunctionArguments A class for Spectral Unmixing function arguments.
StatisticsFunctionArguments A class for statistics raster function arguments.
StatisticsHistogramFunctionArguments A class for statistics and histogram raster function arguments.
StretchFunctionArguments A class for stretch raster function arguments.
SwathFunctionArguments A class for the swath function arguments.
TableFunctionArguments A class for table raster function arguments.
TerrainFlattenFunctionArguments A class for Radiometric Terrain Flatten function arguments.
TerrainToRasterFunctionArguments (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The TerrainToRasterFunction arguments.
ThresholdFunctionArguments A class for binary thresholding function arguments.
TransposeBitsFunctionArguments A class for a function raster dataset.
TrendFunctionArguments The Trend function arguments.
UnitConversionFunctionArguments A class for Unit Conversion raster function arguments.

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