IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments Interface

Provides access to members that control Excluded Area function arguments.


Name Description
Read/write property BlackThreshold The black threshold value.
Read/write property BlueThreshold The blue threshold value.
Read/write property CyanThreshold The cyan threshold value.
Read/write property GreenThreshold The green threshold value.
Read/write property HighHistogramThreshold The high histogram threshold value.
Read/write property LowHistogramThreshold The low histogram threshold value.
Read/write property MagitaThreshold The magita threshold value.
Read/write property PixelBitDepth The actual pixel bit depth.
Read/write property Raster The input raster.
Read/write property RedThreshold The red threshold value.
Read/write property WhiteThreshold The white threshold value.
Read/write property YellowThreshold The yellow threshold value.

IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments.BlackThreshold Property

The black threshold value.

Public Property BlackThreshold As Double
public double BlackThreshold {get; set;}

IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments.BlueThreshold Property

The blue threshold value.

Public Property BlueThreshold As Double
public double BlueThreshold {get; set;}

IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments.CyanThreshold Property

The cyan threshold value.

Public Property CyanThreshold As Double
public double CyanThreshold {get; set;}

IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments.GreenThreshold Property

The green threshold value.

Public Property GreenThreshold As Double
public double GreenThreshold {get; set;}

IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments.HighHistogramThreshold Property

The high histogram threshold value.

Public Property HighHistogramThreshold As Double
public double HighHistogramThreshold {get; set;}

IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments.LowHistogramThreshold Property

The low histogram threshold value.

Public Property LowHistogramThreshold As Double
public double LowHistogramThreshold {get; set;}

IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments.MagitaThreshold Property

The magita threshold value.

Public Property MagitaThreshold As Double
public double MagitaThreshold {get; set;}

IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments.PixelBitDepth Property

The actual pixel bit depth.

Public Property PixelBitDepth As Integer
public int PixelBitDepth {get; set;}

IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments.Raster Property

The input raster.

Public Property Raster As Object
public object Raster {get; set;}

IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments.RedThreshold Property

The red threshold value.

Public Property RedThreshold As Double
public double RedThreshold {get; set;}

IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments.WhiteThreshold Property

The white threshold value.

Public Property WhiteThreshold As Double
public double WhiteThreshold {get; set;}

IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments.YellowThreshold Property

The yellow threshold value.

Public Property YellowThreshold As Double
public double YellowThreshold {get; set;}

Classes that implement IExcludedAreaFunctionArguments

Classes Description
ExcludedAreaFunctionArguments The arguments for the ExcludedArea raster function.

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