IRasterWorkspace3 Interface

Provides access to additional members that control a raster workspace.


Name Description
Method OpenRasterDatasetFromBytes Opens a RasterDataset from an in-memry image.

IRasterWorkspace3.OpenRasterDatasetFromBytes Method

Opens a RasterDataset from an in-memry image.

Public Function OpenRasterDatasetFromBytes ( _
    ByRef ppBytes As Byte[]&, _
    ByVal Copy As Boolean _
) As IRasterDataset
public IRasterDataset OpenRasterDatasetFromBytes (
    ref Byte[]& ppBytes,
    ref bool Copy


This method is used to open a RasterDataset from bytes, an in-memory image, which is normally created from RasterExplorter or IRasterWorkspace2::CreateRasterDataset with "MEM" string.

Classes that implement IRasterWorkspace3

Classes Description
RasterWorkspace The raster workspace object.


_IRasterWorkspace3_is used to read inMemory raster byte arrays.

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