ILutFilter Interface

Provides access to members that control a LookUp Table filter.


ILutFilter filters the values in the raster using a lookup table. A lookup table has a minimum index value and a size. An input pixel value is mapped by first converting the value into index, (index = value-min), and then looking up the output value in the table. Any input values outside the look table range, (min, min+size), are mapped into NoData.


Name Description
Method Get Looks a value.
Read/write property Min The min LUT value.
Method Set Sets a LUT value mapping.
Read/write property Size The LUT size.

ILutFilter.Get Method

Looks a value.

Public Function Get ( _
    ByVal v1 As Integer _
) As Integer
public int Get (
    int v1

ILutFilter.Min Property

The min LUT value.

Public Property Min As Integer
public int Min {get; set;}

ILutFilter.Set Method

Sets a LUT value mapping.

Public Sub Set ( _
    ByVal v1 As Integer, _
    ByVal v2 As Integer _
public void Set (
    int v1,
    int v2

ILutFilter.Size Property

The LUT size.

Public Property Size As Integer
public int Size {get; set;}

Classes that implement ILutFilter

Classes Description
LutFilter A raster LookUp Table filter.

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