IFrameCameraParameters Interface

Provides access to members that control camera definition


Name Description
Read/write property CameraModel Camera model number
Read/write property Columns Number of columns.
Read/write property DistortionMethod Radial lens distortion coefficient method.
Read/write property DistortionType Type of Distortion.
Read/write property FocalLength Camera focal length
Read/write property FocalLengthUnits Focal length units
Read/write property K0 Zeroth Konrady coefficient.
Read/write property K1 First Konrady coefficient.
Read/write property K2 Second Konrady coefficient.
Read/write property PixelSize Pixel size for the camera.
Read/write property PPAX Principal point of autocollimation along X axis.
Read/write property PPAXUnits PPAX units
Read/write property PPAY Principal point of autocollimation along Y axis.
Read/write property PPAYUnits PPAY units
Read/write property RadialDistances Radial Distances Array.
Read/write property RadialDistortions Radial Distortions Array.
Read/write property Rows Number of rows.

IFrameCameraParameters.CameraModel Property

Camera model number.

Public Property CameraModel As esriApplanixCameraModel
public esriApplanixCameraModel CameraModel {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.Columns Property

Number of columns.

Public Property Columns As Integer
public int Columns {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.DistortionMethod Property

Radial lens distortion coefficient method.

Public Property DistortionMethod As esriRasterKonradyType
public esriRasterKonradyType DistortionMethod {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.DistortionType Property

Type of Distortion.

Public Property DistortionType As esriDistortionType
public esriDistortionType DistortionType {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.FocalLength Property

Camera focal length.

Public Property FocalLength As Double
public double FocalLength {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.FocalLengthUnits Property

Focal length units.

Public Property FocalLengthUnits As esriFrameCameraUnits
public esriFrameCameraUnits FocalLengthUnits {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.K0 Property

Zeroth Konrady coefficient.

Public Property K0 As Double
public double K0 {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.K1 Property

First Konrady coefficient.

Public Property K1 As Double
public double K1 {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.K2 Property

Second Konrady coefficient.

Public Property K2 As Double
public double K2 {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.PixelSize Property

Pixel size for the camera.

Public Property PixelSize As Double
public double PixelSize {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.PPAX Property

Principal point of autocollimation along X axis.

Public Property PPAX As Double
public double PPAX {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.PPAXUnits Property

PPAX units.

Public Property PPAXUnits As esriFrameCameraUnits
public esriFrameCameraUnits PPAXUnits {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.PPAY Property

Principal point of autocollimation along Y axis.

Public Property PPAY As Double
public double PPAY {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.PPAYUnits Property

PPAY units.

Public Property PPAYUnits As esriFrameCameraUnits
public esriFrameCameraUnits PPAYUnits {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.RadialDistances Property

Radial Distances Array.

Public Property RadialDistances As IDoubleArray
public IDoubleArray RadialDistances {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.RadialDistortions Property

Radial Distortions Array.

Public Property RadialDistortions As IDoubleArray
public IDoubleArray RadialDistortions {get; set;}

IFrameCameraParameters.Rows Property

Number of rows.

Public Property Rows As Integer
public int Rows {get; set;}

Classes that implement IFrameCameraParameters

Classes Description
ApplanixBuilder A raster builder for Applanix files.

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