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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt

Scene symbols

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Show various kinds of 3D symbols in a scene.

Use case

You can programmatically create different types of 3D symbols and add them to a scene at specified locations. You could do this to call attention to the prominence of a location.

How to use the sample

When the scene loads, note the different types of 3D symbols that you can create.

How it works

  1. Create a GraphicsOverlay.
  2. Create a SimpleMarkerSceneSymbol by specifying the size and color.
  3. Create a Graphic using the symbol and a Point geometry.
  4. Add the graphics to the graphicsOverlay.
  5. Add the graphicsOverlay to the sceneView.

Relevant API

  • SceneSymbol.anchorPosition
  • SimpleMarkerSceneSymbol

About the data

This sample shows arbitrary symbols in an empty scene with imagery basemap.


3D, cone, cube, cylinder, diamond, geometry, graphic, graphics overlay, pyramid, scene, shape, sphere, symbol, tetrahedron, tube, visualization

Sample Code

import QtQuick 2.6
import QtQuick.Controls 2.2
import Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.9

Rectangle {
    width: 800
    height: 600

    readonly property double pointX: 44.975
    readonly property double pointY: 34
    readonly property double pointZ: 500

    // Create a scene view
    SceneView {
        anchors.fill: parent

        // create a scene...scene is a default property of sceneview
        // and thus will get added to the sceneview
        Scene {
            // add a basemap
            BasemapImagery {}

            // add a surface...surface is a default property of scene
            Surface {
                // add an arcgis tiled elevation source...elevation source is a default property of surface
                ArcGISTiledElevationSource {
                    url: ""

        // add a graphics overlay
        GraphicsOverlay {
            id: graphicsOverlay
            LayerSceneProperties {
                surfacePlacement: Enums.SurfacePlacementAbsolute

        Component.onCompleted: {
            // set viewpoint to the specified camera

    // create the camera to be used as the scene view's viewpoint
    Camera {
        id: camera
        location: Point {
            x: 45
            y: 34
            z: 6000
            spatialReference: SpatialReference { wkid: 4326 }
        heading: 0
        pitch: 0
        roll: 0

    // listmodel to store the symbol colors and styles
    ListModel {
        id: symbolModel

        ListElement {
            symbolStyle: Enums.SimpleMarkerSceneSymbolStyleCone
            color: "red"
        ListElement {
            symbolStyle: Enums.SimpleMarkerSceneSymbolStyleCube
            color: "white"
        ListElement {
            symbolStyle: Enums.SimpleMarkerSceneSymbolStyleCylinder
            color: "purple"
        ListElement {
            symbolStyle: Enums.SimpleMarkerSceneSymbolStyleDiamond
            color: "turquoise"
        ListElement {
            symbolStyle: Enums.SimpleMarkerSceneSymbolStyleSphere
            color: "blue"
        ListElement {
            symbolStyle: Enums.SimpleMarkerSceneSymbolStyleTetrahedron
            color: "yellow"

    // function to dynamically create the graphics and add them to the graphics overlay
    function addSymbols() {
        for (let i = 0; i < symbolModel.count; i++) {
            const elem = symbolModel.get(i);

            // create a simple marker scene symbol
            const smss = ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment.createObject("SimpleMarkerSceneSymbol", {
                                                                   style: elem.symbolStyle,
                                                                   color: elem.color,
                                                                   width: 200,
                                                                   height: 200,
                                                                   depth: 200,
                                                                   anchorPosition: Enums.SceneSymbolAnchorPositionCenter

            // create a new point geometry
            const point = ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment.createObject("Point", {
                                                                    x: pointX + 0.01 * i,
                                                                    y: pointY,
                                                                    z: pointZ,
                                                                    spatialReference: Factory.SpatialReference.createWgs84()

            // create a graphic using the point and the symbol
            const graphic = ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment.createObject("Graphic", {
                                                                      geometry: point,
                                                                      symbol: smss

            // add the graphic to the graphics overlay