IAttachmentData Interface

Provides access to members that describe an attachment.


Name Description
Read/write property AttachmentInfo Content type that indicates the type of the mime content.
Read/write property Data Attachment as bytes.
Read/write property TransportType Transport Type.
Read/write property URL URL.

IAttachmentData.AttachmentInfo Property

Content type that indicates the type of the mime content.

Public Property AttachmentInfo As IAttachmentInfo
public IAttachmentInfo AttachmentInfo {get; set;}

IAttachmentData.Data Property

Attachment as bytes.

Public Property Data As Byte[]
public Byte[] Data {get; set;}

IAttachmentData.TransportType Property

Transport Type.

Public Property TransportType As esriTransportType
public esriTransportType TransportType {get; set;}

IAttachmentData.URL Property


Public Property URL As String
public string URL {get; set;}

Classes that implement IAttachmentData

Classes Description
AttachmentData Esri AttachmentData object.

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