IXYEventSourceName Interface

Provides access to the XY event source name properties.


Name Description
Read/write property EventProperties The XY event properties.
Read/write property EventTableName The name object for the XY event table.
Read/write property SpatialReference The spatial reference of the XYEventSource.

IXYEventSourceName.EventProperties Property

The XY event properties.

Public Property EventProperties As IXYEventProperties
public IXYEventProperties EventProperties {get; set;}

IXYEventSourceName.EventTableName Property

The name object for the XY event table.

Public Property EventTableName As IName
public IName EventTableName {get; set;}

IXYEventSourceName.SpatialReference Property

The spatial reference of the XYEventSource.

Public Property SpatialReference As ISpatialReference
public ISpatialReference SpatialReference {get; set;}


The SpatialReference refers to the spatial reference of the coordinates in the table. If a spatial reference is not specified, the XY event source will have either an unknown or an assumed geographic coordinate system. The coordinate system will be assumed geographic when the coordiates are in the range of 180 to -180 in the X direction and 90 to -90 in the Y direction.

Classes that implement IXYEventSourceName

Classes Description
XYEventSourceName A name object that defines the objects needed to create an XY event layer.


The IXYEventSourceNameinterface contains the information that is needed to create an XYEventSourcefrom an XYEventSourceName.

The interface has properties for the XY event table name, the field names and the spatial reference of the input coordinates. The field names are specified using an XYEvent2FieldsPropertiesobject.

If the spatial reference is not set and the coordinates are in range, the coordinate system will be assumed geographic, otherwise it will be unknown.

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