IConnectivityRule Interface

Indicator interface that identifies connectivity rules.


IConnectivityRuleinterface allows a user to constrain the type of network features that may be connected to one another, and the number of features of any particular type that can be connected to features of another type. Using these rules with a combination of other rules, domains, and custom validation allows the user to easily maintain the integrity of the network data in the database.

When To Use

IConnectivityRule is an interface on the ConnectivityRule abstract class. The two connectivity rules currently available are the JunctionConnectivityRule and the EdgeConnectivityRule. The ConnectivityRule abstract class acts as the template for these two rules.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IRule Provides access to members that return information about rules.

Classes that implement IConnectivityRule

Classes Description
EdgeConnectivityRule Esri Edge-Edge NetworkConnectivity rule object.
JunctionConnectivityRule Esri Junction-Edge NetworkConnectivity rule object.

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