IVersionedView Interface

Provides access to methods that control versioned views.


Name Description
Method CreateVersionedView Create a versioned view.
Method DropVersionedView Drop the versioned view.
Read-only property HasVersionedView Does the table have a versioned view.
Read-only property VersionedViewName The name of the associated versioned view.

IVersionedView.CreateVersionedView Method

Create a versioned view.

Public Sub CreateVersionedView ( _
    ByVal Name As String _
public void CreateVersionedView (
    string Name


`Creates a versioned view with the given name of the versioned object. The versioned view can be used to access versioned objects from SQL.

The same set of invalid charters apply to view names as to table names. e.g., ISqlSyntax.GetInvalidStartingCharacters, ISqlSyntax.GetInvalidCharacters`

IVersionedView.DropVersionedView Method

Drop the versioned view.

Public Sub DropVersionedView ( _
public void DropVersionedView (


Removes the versioned view associated with the versioned object.

IVersionedView.HasVersionedView Property

Does the table have a versioned view.

Public ReadOnly Property HasVersionedView As Boolean
public bool HasVersionedView {get;}


Returns True if the versioned object is associated with a versioned view; Returns False if no versioned view exists for the versioned object.

IVersionedView.VersionedViewName Property

The name of the associated versioned view.

Public ReadOnly Property VersionedViewName As String
public string VersionedViewName {get;}


Returns the unqualified name as a string of the versioned classes versioned view. If get_HasVersionView returns False this property will be an empty string.

Classes that implement IVersionedView

Classes Description

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