IObjectClassValidation Interface

Provides access to members that validate row information.


The IObjectClassValidation interface is an optional interface that is used to provide custom validation of objects in an object class or feature class. This validation is in addition to geodatabase validation of domains, relationship rules and connectivity rules.


Name Description
Method ValidateField Validates the row's specified attribute.
Method ValidateRow Validates the row.

IObjectClassValidation.ValidateField Method

Validates the row's specified attribute.

Public Function ValidateField ( _
    ByVal Row As IRow, _
    ByVal FieldName As String _
) As String
public string ValidateField (
    IRow Row,
    string FieldName


The ValidateField method will be called when IValidate::GetInvalidFieldsis called on an object of the associated object class.

IObjectClassValidation.ValidateRow Method

Validates the row.

Public Function ValidateRow ( _
    ByVal Row As IRow _
) As String
public string ValidateRow (
    IRow Row


The ValidateRow method is called by an Object�s IValidate::Validateand by the Validatemethods on the IValidationinterface of the associated object class. ValidateRowshould be used to validate database or spatial relationships in addition to field values. If the field or row is invalid, an appropriate error string should be returned. Otherwise, return a zero length string.

Classes that implement IObjectClassValidation

Classes Description

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