IWorkspaceSpatialReferenceInfo Interface

Provides access to spatial reference information for the workspace.


Name Description
Read-only property SpatialReferenceInfo The defined Spatial References in the Workspace.

IWorkspaceSpatialReferenceInfo.SpatialReferenceInfo Property

The defined Spatial References in the Workspace.

Public ReadOnly Property SpatialReferenceInfo As IEnumSpatialReferenceInfo
public IEnumSpatialReferenceInfo SpatialReferenceInfo {get;}

Classes that implement IWorkspaceSpatialReferenceInfo

Classes Description
Workspace Workspace Object.


IWorkspaceSpatialReferenceInfois an optional interface that can be used by an application to retrieve the set of spatial references that are referenced by geodatasets in a Personal, File or ArcSDE geodatabase. It has a read-only property, SpatialReferenceInfo, that returns an enumerator that supports the IEnumSpatialReferenceInfointerface. The latter has a Nextmethod that can be used to iterate over the spatial references and their spatial reference ID (SRID) within the geodatabase.

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