ITopologyWorkspace Interface

Provides access to members that access the topologies in a workspace.


Name Description
Method OpenTopology Opens and returns the topology with the specified name.

ITopologyWorkspace.OpenTopology Method

Opens and returns the topology with the specified name.

Public Function OpenTopology ( _
    ByVal Name As String _
) As ITopology
public ITopology OpenTopology (
    string Name


The OpenTopology method can be used to open any existing topology in the workspace given its fully qualified name. Note that every topology in a geodatabase has a unique fully qualified name. Use the IDatabaseConnectionInfo interface to determine the User and Database (if applicable). ISQLSyntax::QualifyTableName can be used to determine the fully qualified name for a topology. Use the IWorkspace2::NameExists method to determine if a topology with the appropriate name exists in the geodatabase.

void OpenTopologyFromWorkspace(IWorkspace workspace, string topologyName)


  ITopologyWorkspace topologyWorkspace = workspace as ITopologyWorkspace;

  ITopology topology = topologyWorkspace.OpenTopology(topologyName);


Classes that implement ITopologyWorkspace

Classes Description


The ITopologyWorkspace interface provides access to the OpenTopology method that allows you to open a topology within a workspace given only the topology�s name. Use this interface to open a topology when you only have a reference to a workspace object. For ArcSDE Geodatabases, the fully qualified name can be used to return topologies owned by specific users. If multiple topologies with the same name are owned by different users, OpenTopology will return the topology owned by the current user if an unqualified name is supplied.

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