ILocalDatabaseCompact Interface

Provides access to members for compacting a file or personal geodatabase.


Name Description
Method Compact Compacts the database.

ILocalDatabaseCompact.Compact Method

Compacts the database.

Public Sub Compact ( _
    ByVal Name As IWorkspaceName _
public void Compact (
    IWorkspaceName Name

Classes that implement ILocalDatabaseCompact

Classes Description
FileGDBWorkspaceFactory (esriDataSourcesGDB) File GeoDatabase Workspace Factory.


ILocalDatabaseCompact is an optional interface supported by AccessWorkspaceFactories and FileGDBWorkspaceFactories that allows compaction of an Access database using the services of the Jet Engine or compaction of the files contained within a File Geodatabase workspace.

After using a Personal or File geodatabase, the database may become fragmented on disk. Compact rearranges how a fragmented Personal or File geodatabase is stored on disk. Compacting a Personal or File geodatabase often reduces its size and improves its performance.

The Compact method on ILocaDatabaseCompact takes a WorkspaceName object as an argument, so its not necessary to open the workspace before compacting it. The IDatabaseCompact interface on a file and personal geodatabase workspace also supports a Compact method.

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