IBaseNetworkLocation Interface

Provides access to the locations family resource for networks.


Name Description
Method QueryLocations Delete subnetwork controllers by globalIDs.

IBaseNetworkLocation.QueryLocations Method

Delete subnetwork controllers by globalIDs.

Public Sub QueryLocations ( _
    ByVal objectsToSynthesize As IIndexedGUIDSets, _
    ByVal isSynthesizingGeometry As Boolean, _
    ByVal maxGeometryCount As Integer, _
    ByVal OutputSpatialReference As ISpatialReference, _
    ByVal processConnectivity As Boolean, _
    ByVal processContainment As Boolean, _
    ByVal processAttachment As Boolean, _
    ByRef hasExceededMaxGeometryCount As Boolean, _
    ByRef sourceIDs As ILongArray, _
    ByRef GlobalIDs As IStringArray, _
    ByRef isLocatableList As ILongArray, _
    ByRef geometryBagList As IArray, _
    ByRef associationList As IArray _
public void QueryLocations (
    IIndexedGUIDSets objectsToSynthesize,
    bool isSynthesizingGeometry,
    int maxGeometryCount,
    ISpatialReference OutputSpatialReference,
    bool processConnectivity,
    bool processContainment,
    bool processAttachment,
    ref bool hasExceededMaxGeometryCount,
    ref ILongArray sourceIDs,
    ref IStringArray GlobalIDs,
    ref ILongArray isLocatableList,
    ref IArray geometryBagList,
    ref IArray associationList

Classes that implement IBaseNetworkLocation

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