IRelatedObjectClassEvents Interface

Provides access to events that occur when related objects are created.


The IRelatedObjectClassEventsinterface is an optional interface that is implemented by class extensions to receive messages about newly created objects in related object classes.


Name Description
Method RelatedObjectCreated Notifies this object class that a related object was created.

IRelatedObjectClassEvents.RelatedObjectCreated Method

Notifies this object class that a related object was created.

Public Sub RelatedObjectCreated ( _
    ByVal RelationshipClass As IRelationshipClass, _
    ByVal objectThatWasCreated As IObject _
public void RelatedObjectCreated (
    IRelationshipClass RelationshipClass,
    IObject objectThatWasCreated


The RelationshipClassargument is useful for establishing new relationships. Since an object class may often participate in many relationships, the properties of RelationshipClasscan be used to modify behavior of this method.

In order for this method to be called, the relationship class must have messaging set. If the object class which this class extension is associated with is the origin class in the relationship class, then the messaging should be set to Backward or Both. If the object class is the destination class in the relationship, then messaging should be set to Forward or Both.

Classes that implement IRelatedObjectClassEvents

Classes Description

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