ISimpleDataConverter2 Interface

Provides access to members used for data conversions.


Name Description
Write-only property ConfigurationKeyword The configuration keyword for the new FeatureClass.
Method Convert Convert the input FeatureClass to another FeatureClass in the output FeatureDataset.
Write-only property DataConvertProcess The data converter process object.
Write-only property FlushInterval The flushing interval for sde FeatureClass.
Write-only property InputDatasetName The input DatasetName, FeatureClass or table.
Write-only property InputQueryFilter The input QueryFilter.
Write-only property InputSelectionSet The set of objects to convert.
Write-only property IsFeatureTypeSimple The property to preserve the inputFeatureType in the output.
Write-only property OutputDatasetName The output object class Name (optional).
Write-only property OutputFeatureDatasetName The output FeatureDatasetName.
Write-only property OutputFields The output fields for the input FeatureClass.
Write-only property OutputGeometryDef The GeometryDef (optional) for the output FeatureDatasetName.
Write-only property ParentWindowHandle The parent hWnd.
Method Reset Reset all the properties associated with the simple data converter.

ISimpleDataConverter2.DataConvertProcess Property

The data converter process object.

Public WriteOnly Property DataConvertProcess
public void DataConvertProcess {set;}

ISimpleDataConverter2.InputSelectionSet Property

The set of objects to convert.

Public WriteOnly Property InputSelectionSet
public void InputSelectionSet {set;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
ISimpleDataConverter Provides access to members used for data conversions.

Classes that implement ISimpleDataConverter2

Classes Description
SimpleDataConverter Convert a set of shape files into Access or SDE.

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