IDatasetEdit Interface

Provides access to information about the status of datasets being edited.


Name Description
Method IsBeingEdited True if the dataset is being edited.

IDatasetEdit.IsBeingEdited Method

True if the dataset is being edited.

Public Function IsBeingEdited ( _
) As Boolean
public bool IsBeingEdited (


Once an edit session has been started on a workspace, the IsBeingEditedmethod on the IDatasetEditinterface can be used to determine if a particular dataset is participating in the edit session.

The reasons why a dataset may not participate include the connected user has no privileges or permission to edit the dataset, the connected user is not licensed to edit this type of dataset, or the dataset is not versioned but a versioned edit session has been started (or vice versa).

Classes that implement IDatasetEdit

Classes Description
AttributedRelationshipClass Esri Attributed Relationship Class object.
FeatureClass Esri Feature Class object.
ObjectClass Esri Object Class object.
RasterCatalog A collection of raster datasets in a Geodatabase table.
Table Esri Table object.
XYEventSource XY event source object.

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