IQueryDescription Interface

Query information


Name Description
Read-only property Fields The resultset fields.
Read/write property GeometryType Geometry type on the spatial column if present.
Read-only property IsOIDMappedColumn Indicates if a virtual OID column is required.
Read-only property IsSpatialQuery Indicates if the query resultset is spatial.
Read-only property OIDColumnName Name of OID field.
Read/write property OIDFields Unique key field(s).
Read-only property Query Query statemaent.
Read-only property ShapeColumnName Geometry column if present.
Read/write property SpatialReference Spatial reference.
Read/write property Srid Srid of the resultset.

IQueryDescription.Fields Property

The resultset fields.

Public ReadOnly Property Fields As IFields
public IFields Fields {get;}

IQueryDescription.GeometryType Property

Geometry type on the spatial column if present.

Public Property GeometryType As esriGeometryType
public esriGeometryType GeometryType {get; set;}

IQueryDescription.IsOIDMappedColumn Property

Indicates if a virtual OID column is required.

Public ReadOnly Property IsOIDMappedColumn As Boolean
public bool IsOIDMappedColumn {get;}

IQueryDescription.IsSpatialQuery Property

Indicates if the query resultset is spatial.

Public ReadOnly Property IsSpatialQuery As Boolean
public bool IsSpatialQuery {get;}

IQueryDescription.OIDColumnName Property

Name of OID field.

Public ReadOnly Property OIDColumnName As String
public string OIDColumnName {get;}

IQueryDescription.OIDFields Property

Unique key field(s).

Public Property OIDFields As String
public string OIDFields {get; set;}

IQueryDescription.Query Property

Query statemaent.

Public ReadOnly Property Query As String
public string Query {get;}

IQueryDescription.ShapeColumnName Property

Geometry column if present.

Public ReadOnly Property ShapeColumnName As String
public string ShapeColumnName {get;}

IQueryDescription.SpatialReference Property

Spatial reference.

Public Property SpatialReference As ISpatialReference
public ISpatialReference SpatialReference {get; set;}

IQueryDescription.Srid Property

Srid of the resultset.

Public Property Srid As String
public string Srid {get; set;}

Classes that implement IQueryDescription

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