ILockInfo Interface

Provides access to members that supply lock information.


The ILockInfo interface provides the ability to detect what current users have version locks and if the lock is shared or exclusive. Locks imply that the users are currently editing the version or currently reconciling the version. This information can be used to determine if the version is available for editing, to be reconciled or to be reconciled against.


Name Description
Read-only property LockType The type of lock the user acquired.
Read-only property UserName The name of the user that acquired the lock.

ILockInfo.LockType Property

The type of lock the user acquired.

Public ReadOnly Property LockType As esriLockType
public esriLockType LockType {get;}


The LockType method returns the type of lock the current user has on the version. Shared locks are acquired upon start editing and released at stop editing. Shared locks are promoted to Exclusive locks during reconcile or when a version is being reconciled against.

The Exclusive lock prevents multiple reconciliations against any one version simultaneously. This will prevent unnecessary reconciles, in the case where the version is reconciled and the target version is modified. Which then forces a second reconciliation and can waste server/client resources.

ILockInfo.UserName Property

The name of the user that acquired the lock.

Public ReadOnly Property UserName As String
public string UserName {get;}


The UserName method returns the user name who is currently editing or reconciling the version.

Classes that implement ILockInfo

Classes Description

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