IUNLocation Interface

Provides access to members that specify the properties of a utility network trace location.


Name Description
Read/write property GlobalID Returns the global ID.
Read/write property IsFilterBarrier Returns is filter barrier.
Read/write property PercentAlong Returns the percent along.
Read/write property SchemaGeneration Returns the schema generation.
Read/write property TerminalID Returns the terminal ID.
Read/write property TraceLocationType Returns the trace location type.

IUNLocation.GlobalID Property

Returns the global ID.

Public Property GlobalID As Guid
public Guid GlobalID {get; set;}

IUNLocation.IsFilterBarrier Property

Returns is filter barrier.

Public Property IsFilterBarrier As Boolean
public bool IsFilterBarrier {get; set;}

IUNLocation.PercentAlong Property

Returns the percent along.

Public Property PercentAlong As Double
public double PercentAlong {get; set;}

IUNLocation.SchemaGeneration Property

Returns the schema generation.

Public Property SchemaGeneration As Integer
public int SchemaGeneration {get; set;}

IUNLocation.TerminalID Property

Returns the terminal ID.

Public Property TerminalID As Integer
public int TerminalID {get; set;}

IUNLocation.TraceLocationType Property

Returns the trace location type.

Public Property TraceLocationType As esriTraceLocationType
public esriTraceLocationType TraceLocationType {get; set;}

Classes that implement IUNLocation

Classes Description
UNLocation UN Location.

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