IOwnershipBasedAccessControl Interface

Ownership-based feature-level access control value object


Name Description
Read-only property AllowOthersToDelete
Read-only property AllowOthersToUpdate
Read-only property Enabled

IOwnershipBasedAccessControl.AllowOthersToDelete Property


Public ReadOnly Property AllowOthersToDelete As Boolean
public bool AllowOthersToDelete {get;}

IOwnershipBasedAccessControl.AllowOthersToUpdate Property


Public ReadOnly Property AllowOthersToUpdate As Boolean
public bool AllowOthersToUpdate {get;}

IOwnershipBasedAccessControl.Enabled Property


Public ReadOnly Property Enabled As Boolean
public bool Enabled {get;}

Classes that implement IOwnershipBasedAccessControl

Classes Description
OwnershipBasedAccessControl Ownership-based feature-level Access Control.

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