IValidConfigurationPath Interface

Provides access to members that specify the properties of a valid utility network terminal configuration path.


Name Description
Read-only property Description Returns the description.
Read-only property ID Returns the ID.
Read-only property Name Returns the name.
Read-only property TerminalPaths Returns the terminal paths.

IValidConfigurationPath.Description Property

Returns the description.

Public ReadOnly Property Description As String
public string Description {get;}

IValidConfigurationPath.ID Property

Returns the ID.

Public ReadOnly Property ID As Integer
public int ID {get;}

IValidConfigurationPath.Name Property

Returns the name.

Public ReadOnly Property Name As String
public string Name {get;}

IValidConfigurationPath.TerminalPaths Property

Returns the terminal paths.

Public ReadOnly Property TerminalPaths As IArray
public IArray TerminalPaths {get;}


An array to hold an indexed collection of ITerminalPath objects.

Classes that implement IValidConfigurationPath

Classes Description

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