IBaseNetwork Interface

Provides access to members that specify the properties of a base network.


Name Description
Read-only property AssociationsTable Returns the associations table.
Method CreateQuery Creates query object.
Method CreateTracer Creates tracer.
Read-only property DiagramDataset Returns the diagram dataset of the utility network.
Read-only property DirtyAreaTable Returns the dirty area table.
Read-only property ScaleDelta Returns the scale delta.
Read-only property SearchTolerance Returns the search tolerance.

IBaseNetwork.AssociationsTable Property

Returns the associations table.

Public ReadOnly Property AssociationsTable As ITable
public ITable AssociationsTable {get;}

IBaseNetwork.CreateQuery Method

Creates query object.

Public Function CreateQuery ( _
) As IUtilityNetworkQuery
public IUtilityNetworkQuery CreateQuery (

IBaseNetwork.CreateTracer Method

Creates tracer.

Public Function CreateTracer ( _
) As ITracer
public ITracer CreateTracer (

IBaseNetwork.DiagramDataset Property

Returns the diagram dataset of the utility network.

Public ReadOnly Property DiagramDataset As IDataset
public IDataset DiagramDataset {get;}

IBaseNetwork.DirtyAreaTable Property

Returns the dirty area table.

Public ReadOnly Property DirtyAreaTable As ITable
public ITable DirtyAreaTable {get;}

IBaseNetwork.ScaleDelta Property

Returns the scale delta.

Public Sub ScaleDelta ( _
    ByRef ScaleDelta As Double _
public void ScaleDelta (
    ref double ScaleDelta

IBaseNetwork.SearchTolerance Property

Returns the search tolerance.

Public Sub SearchTolerance ( _
    ByVal point As IPoint, _
    ByRef tolerance As Double _
public void SearchTolerance (
    IPoint point,
    ref double tolerance

Classes that implement IBaseNetwork

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