IDatabaseView Interface

Provides access to members that request database views.


Name Description
Method CreateView Create a view.
Method DropView Drop a view.
Read-only property IsView Is the table a view?
Read-only property ViewDefinition Get the view definition.

IDatabaseView.CreateView Method

Create a view.

Public Sub CreateView ( _
    ByVal viewName As String, _
    ByVal ViewDefinition As String _
public void CreateView (
    string viewName,
    string ViewDefinition

IDatabaseView.DropView Method

Drop a view.

Public Sub DropView ( _
    ByVal viewName As String _
public void DropView (
    string viewName

IDatabaseView.IsView Property

Is the table a view?.

Public Function get_IsView ( _
    ByVal viewName As String _
) As Boolean
public bool get_IsView (
    string viewName

IDatabaseView.ViewDefinition Property

Get the view definition.

Public Function get_ViewDefinition ( _
    ByVal viewName As String _
) As String
public string get_ViewDefinition (
    string viewName

Classes that implement IDatabaseView

Classes Description

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