IFeatureBuffer Interface

Provides access to setting and returning the default shape in the feature buffer.


Name Description
Read-only property Fields The fields Collection for this row buffer.
Read/write property Shape The default shape in the feature buffer.
Read/write property Value The value of the field with the specified index.

IFeatureBuffer.Shape Property

The default shape in the feature buffer.

Public Property Shape As IGeometry
public IGeometry Shape {get; set;}


All edits to features that participate in a Topology or Geometric Network must be performed within an edit session and bracketed within an edit operation.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IRowBuffer Provides access to members used for getting and modifying a rows values and for getting the fields in the row.

Classes that implement IFeatureBuffer

Classes Description
Feature Esri Feature.


The IFeatureBufferinterface is the same as IRowBufferexcept it applies to feature buffers rather than row buffers. It is for use primarily with insert feature cursors.

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