IWorkspaceEditControl Interface

Provides access to method that controls if insert and update cursors on simple classes can bypass store events


Name Description
Method SetStoreEventsRequired Indicates that insert and update cursors on simple classes cannot bypass store events

IWorkspaceEditControl.SetStoreEventsRequired Method

Indicates that insert and update cursors on simple classes cannot bypass store events

Public Sub SetStoreEventsRequired ( _
public void SetStoreEventsRequired (


This method instructs the geodatabase to fire events when features are created/modified/deleted through a cursor that otherwise wouldn't fire the events.


You must be editing features within a edit session for events to be fired.

Classes that implement IWorkspaceEditControl

Classes Description
Workspace Workspace Object.


By default on simple classes, insert cursors handed out by the geodatabase will internally bypass the CreateRowand Storemechanisms when creating and updating objects. Tools that use insert cursors include Planarize, Create Features and the Object Loader. When CreateRow and Store are bypassed, subsequent events are not fired for clients listening to IEditEvents and IObjectClassEvents.

This can be overridden on the class level by implemeting IObjectClassInfo2 on its class extension and setting the CanBypassStore property to False. Falseindicates that insert cursors will not bypass Storeand subsequent custom behavior implemented by the row object for this class.

IWorkspaceEditControlallows you to override this for all classes in an edit session by logically making CanBypassStore equal to False for all classes in that edit session. Doing this will ensure that when features are inserted, updated or deleted by editor tools that use insert and update cursors they do not bypass Store and subsequent edit events.

For a simple class in which SetStoreEventsRequired has not been called, edits will not broadcast IObjectClassEvents which in turn will not be rebroadcast as IEditEvents (for which a custom editor extension may be listening). Calling SetStoreEventsRequired will ensure these events are always broadcast.

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