IFeatureChanges Interface

Provides access to members that provide information about changes in the feature's shape.


Name Description
Read-only property OriginalShape The original shape for the feature.
Read-only property ShapeChanged Indicates if the shape has changed.

IFeatureChanges.OriginalShape Property

The original shape for the feature.

Public ReadOnly Property OriginalShape As IGeometry
public IGeometry OriginalShape {get;}

IFeatureChanges.ShapeChanged Property

Indicates if the shape has changed.

Public ReadOnly Property ShapeChanged As Boolean
public bool ShapeChanged {get;}


IFeatureChanges::ShapeChanged can be used to determine if a feature's geometry has changed. If the feature's geometry has been changed, but IRow::Store has not yet been called, ShapeChanged will return True. Once Store is called, ShapeChanged will return False. ShapeChanged can also be used in an event triggered by Store, such as IRowEvents::OnChanged. When used in this manner, ShapeChanged will return True if the feature's shape has changed. Once Store is complete, ShapeChanged will return false.

When working with Network Features, IFeatureChanges.ShapeChanged will return true in all instances where the geometry has changed and false for any attribute or connectivity update.

Classes that implement IFeatureChanges

Classes Description
Feature Esri Feature.


The IFeatureChanges interface is used to analyze an object and determine which shape fields have been modified.

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