IDatasetFileStat Interface

Provides access to members that control Dataset file-based statistics.


Name Description
Read-only property StatMode The access mode.
Read-only property StatSize The size.
Read-only property StatTime The date modified/created/accessed.

IDatasetFileStat.StatMode Property

The access mode.

Public ReadOnly Property StatMode As esriDatasetFileStatAccessMode
public esriDatasetFileStatAccessMode StatMode {get;}

IDatasetFileStat.StatSize Property

The size.

Public ReadOnly Property StatSize As Integer
public int StatSize {get;}

IDatasetFileStat.StatTime Property

The date modified/created/accessed.

Public Function get_StatTime ( _
    ByVal dateMode As esriDatasetFileStatTimeMode _
) As Integer
public int get_StatTime (
    esriDatasetFileStatTimeMode dateMode

Classes that implement IDatasetFileStat

Classes Description
RasterDataset (esriDataSourcesRaster) A representation of a raster dataset on disk.


This interface is implemented by datasets such as tables and feature classes, but only for certain data sources. For example, shapefiles and File Geodatabase feature classes implement this interface, but Personal Geodatabase feature classes do not.

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