ICancelOperation Interface

Provides access to members that indicate if an operation has been cancelled.


ICancelOperationcan be implemented by custom classes in order to provide cancellation functionality to long operations, particularly those on the IFeatureConstruction interface. Several methods on that interface accept an ICancelOperation parameter (which is often left null); if a custom class that implements this interface is passed in as that parameter, changes to that class which modify the return value of the IsCancelled property to True will allow the operations to be cancelled (with an error being raised by the operation).


Name Description
Read-only property IsCancelled Indicates if the operation has been cancelled.

ICancelOperation.IsCancelled Property

Indicates if the operation has been cancelled.

Public ReadOnly Property IsCancelled As Boolean
public bool IsCancelled {get;}


Returns whether or not the operation is cancelled.

Classes that implement ICancelOperation

Classes Description


Passing an object that implements this interface to a long operation is only useful in a multithreaded application. Calls to long operations, such as those defined by IFeatureConstruction, are blocking and a different thread is required to trigger the cancel operation on the custom object.

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