IRelationship Interface

Provides access to members that return information about the relationship.


Name Description
Read-only property DestinationObject The destination object.
Read-only property OriginObject The origin object.
Read-only property RelationshipClass The relationship class to which this relationship belongs.

IRelationship.DestinationObject Property

The destination object.

Public ReadOnly Property DestinationObject As IObject
public IObject DestinationObject {get;}

IRelationship.OriginObject Property

The origin object.

Public ReadOnly Property OriginObject As IObject
public IObject OriginObject {get;}

IRelationship.RelationshipClass Property

The relationship class to which this relationship belongs.

Public ReadOnly Property RelationshipClass As IRelationshipClass
public IRelationshipClass RelationshipClass {get;}

Classes that implement IRelationship

Classes Description
Relationship Esri Relationship object.
SimpleRelationship Esri Simple Relationship object.


The IRelationshipinterface provides read-only information about a relationship. It is most useful with attributed relationships, since it can form a bridge between the attribute information, which is in row form, and the related objects.

When dealing with relationships you will normally use the IRelationshipClassinterface, rather than IRelationship.

The SimpleRelationshipobject represents a pair of related geodatabase objects or features. There are no attribute values associated with the relationship.

You cannot cocreate a simple relationship. Instead use IRelationshipClass::CreateRelationship.

The AttributedRelationshipobject is a kind of row that represents a pair of related objects or features with extra information about the pairing. The extra information is stored in the row.

You cannot co-create an attributed relationship. Instead use IRelationshipClass::CreateRelationship.

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